Atlanta From the Ashes

An exploration of Atlanta's resiliency, and how the youth of Atlanta can look to the past for leadership and perseverance tomove forward.

Premiere on Nowness

Director Andrew Litten
Client Church's Chicken
Agency BFG Communications
Production Company Tre Native
Executive Producer David Kwon Kim
Producer Brandon Smith
Cinematographer Kristian Zuniga
Editors Dillon Hayes, Andrew Litten

Thank You Laura Reese, Georgia Mardeson, Jessie Danvile, Phyllis McElroy, Bryan Bazarte, Emory University, South Atlanta High School, ATL Bike Life, The Sound Table, Sixpitch, CIS Atlanta, Full Frame, Commander, Fotokem, Cinelicious, Nirvana Kelly, Saira Raza, Ciji Tatum, Phylencia Taylor, Barry Reynolds, Hayden Bullard, Marvin Siclait, Andrew Murrell, John Manfredi, Tommy Betancourt, ABV Gallery, Nate Frost, Brandon English, Michael Kusumadjaja, Nate Shuls, John Paul, Dustin Chambers and The Wonderful People of Atlanta.