Brent Foster


Brent seamlessly marries authentic performances with beautifully art-directed visual effects to create work that is radically human.

A true citizen of the world by way of Toronto, Brent has lived in far off lands ranging from LA to India, where he worked as a photojournalist, first for the Los Angeles Times, and later across the latter freelancing for the New York Times and others. It was then that he developed a love for the moving image. His directing styles merges his documentary background defined by authentic performances, often from real people, with carefully considered cinematography and finely crafted visual effects to create work that is polished and genuine. 

Brent’s happy customers include Canada Life, Chevy, Huawei, McDonald’s, Prince Edward Island, Nature Valley and more. And his work has won numerous awards including a Silver for New Director of the Year at the Shots Awards, and has been shortlisted more than once for the Young Directors Award at Cannes and the Saatchi & Saatchi New Directors’ Showcase.