Charles Frank



Charles is most at home creating intimate, heartfelt and deeply human documentary films. 

As both a director and partner at Voyager, it was his clear love of the documentary form that cemented Voyager’s sterling reputation for branded docs in the first place. In an age where ‘authenticity’ is often more about appearance than integrity, Charles’ empathetic and heart-filled approach shines through. In addition to his intimate documentaries, he’s also developed a keen ability to capture candid interviews with real people in intense circumstances.

His work has reached over 12 million people online, been featured in The Atlantic, Huffington Post, and Short of the Week, and received numerous Vimeo Staff Picks. His debut feature doc, Somewhere With No Bridges, a film set on Martha’s Vineyard exploring masculinity and the mystical power of the ocean, will be premiering later this year. Through all of his work, he strives to connect audiences to the subjects on screen, but also to one another.