Marcus Tortorici



A firm believer that curiosity drives creativity, Marcus is an extremely versatile director with a diversified filmmaking background. 

Cutting his teeth by writing, producing, directing, acting and everything-elsing his way through narrative web series and music videos right out of school, Marcus’ multidisciplinary skill set catapulted him into the world of commercial directing in NYC.

Moving effortlessly from lighthearted comedy work to stirring dramatic pieces, his varied abilities have earned him accolades and features in the Clios, LA Times, Huffington Post, NPR, and ADC Young Guns. Raised in Alabama but living in NYC, his innate storytelling abilities are driven by a deep sense of understanding and empathy for people of all backgrounds and beliefs. Hardened by years on the East Coast, his southern charm remains barely intact but he is still an absolute joy to be around on set and on very long conference calls.